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Elm Point Animal Hospital is dedicated to healthy pets and happy families.

We offer an extensive array of services, procedures, and accommodations to keep your four-legged family members happy and healthy.  We have three accomplished and experienced veterinarians on staff to diagnose, treat, and get your cat or dog back on their feet with the best care and expertise in the area.

In addition, we have a large, qualified veterinary technician staff that cares for patients around the clock.  Our creative vet visit huskyand friendly grooming staff will pamper, love, and clean-up your pet for you and can even cater to specific styling or coloring requests!  Let our attentive boarding and kennel staff watch your cat or dog for you – either for the day or  during your times away – and create peace of mind knowing your pet is in good hands.

We look forward to seeing you and your pet,

- The Veterinarians and Staff of Elm Point Animal Hospital



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February is National Pet Dental Month.  Now, every month should be dental month for your pets, but February is a time to focus on any dental issues your pets may have.  If your pet has bad breath, is not eating their food as well or not eating hard food any more, or if you just to want have their teeth checked then this is the time to do it.  If you can catch a dental issues early it can prevent a lot bigger issues later in life.   The bacteria that can infect a mouth will not only cause the gums to abscess and the teeth to fall out; but can also cause infections to set up in the kidneys, liver and heart valves.  If the kidneys and heart valves are damaged, they can not be repaired.  When it comes to your pets health, that the risk of anesthetic, to do a full or complete teeth cleaning,  is slight;  the risk of allowing the teeth and gums to get worse by sitting back and doing nothing is much greater.

For this month Elm Point Animal Hospital is offering free dental exams.  All you have to do is schedule an appointment and come in.  If a complete teeth cleaning is needed and recommended we are offering a special payment plan.  In conjunction with Payment Banc, we are offering six month interest free financing for qualified clients.  Ask our reception staff for all the details.

Also, Valentines Day is coming and The Elm Point Animal Hospital Grooming Salon is offering temporary tattoos and other ways to punk out your pet for the holidays.  Ask the grooming staff about the details.  Prices start as low as $5.  Let you imagination run wild.

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