Meet Our Staff

Management Team:

The Practice Manager, Jon, graduated from the University of Mississippi (Ole' Miss) and has been an administrator in the veterinary field since 1998. Jon manages daily operations within the veterinary clinic, pet grooming, and our pet boarding facility.
Jon, Practice Manager
Jon, Practice Manager
The Office Manager, Meghan, graduated from the Veterinary Technician Institute in 2010 and has been a member of the Elm Point family since that time. When she is not busy working in customer support Meghan loves to spend time with her husband, children, her dog Scout, and her cat Eve
Meghan, Office Manager
Meghan, Office Manager


Our veterinary technicians are responsible for all exam room, outpatient diagnostic tests, pharmaceuticals, blood drawing, bandages, IV’s, injections, wound care, emergency triage, and stabilization, anesthesia, dentistry, assisting in surgery, client education, behavior, and the care of ICU and isolation patients. They carry out the treatments and alert the doctors of any change with the patients in their charge. Our vet tech collective experience covers over 43 years of knowledge in the field.

Top Row: Jaime, Amie, Megan, Allison
Middle Row: Ashley, Connie
Front Row: Evelynn

Late Night and Overnight Nurses

One of the benefits our clients have is having a nurse on site 24 hours and day 365 days a year. If you ever have a problem, or want to call and check on your pets in the middle of the night a nurse will be there to answer any questions you have. We found our clients are more comfortable knowing a trained nurse is watching over their pets.

Night technicians

Sierra, Jaime, Chelsea


When you enter our business, the first point of contact is critical to Elm Point Animal Hospital. Our reception team is “the voice and the face of Elm Point Animal Hospital.” Our receptionists are skilled, orgnaized, and are here to help you with your questions and your needs at Elm Point Animal Hospital with a smile.

Back Row: Sabrina, Jessica, Alice, Brittany
Middle Row: Melissa, Tori
Front Row: Ellen, Christina

Kennel and Boarding

Our kennel staff is responsible for the day-to-day care of boarding pets at Elm Point Animal Hospital. Although the feeding, walking, and cleaning up seem to be endless tasks, they are never too busy to give an extra hug or pat on the head for your pet, our guest. They monitor boarding animals closely and are alert to any changes in an individual’s health or attitude. The kennel staff is also responsible for maintaining the health of the hospital. By ensuring the cleanliness of the entire hospital and property, they play a critical role in the safety and prevention of disease in Elm Point Animal Hospital’s hospitalized patients, outpatient boarders, clients, and staff. Although you may not see the kennel staff too often, your pets are glad for all of the attention that they receive from these caring and hardworking team members.

Back Row: Ashley, Becky, Courtney
Front: Debbie


The groomers at Elm Point Animal Hospital help fulfill our complete-service philosophy. They provide more than just a bath service. Since the groomers often see their patients every 6-8 weeks, they may be the first to notice weight change or other health issues. Any skin, eye or ear problems, any lumps or bumps can be immediately brought to the attention of our veterinarians. Groomers understand the link between a healthy inside and a radiant outside. When you look good, you feel good, and Elm Point Animal Hospital’s groomers keep your pets looking and feeling their best.
Lauren, Krista, Erin, Melissa, Becky, Taffy